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Industry Data Now Available

  • Industry Data that covers 100% of the US consumer portfolio in for all consumer asset classes: auto, mortgage, home equity, cards, student loans & consumer finance
  • Optional economic response models (ERMs) created by Argus™ are available with the corresponding industry data set
  • Industry data is prepared by Argus™ for use in LookAhead and segmented by asset classes and 9 US census regions and 4 origination risk bands
  • Prepared for client’s LookAhead configuration
  • Receive quarterly updates of the data

Industry Data Brochure

LookAhead Brochure

Dual-time Dynamics Brochure

LookAhead is configurable to enhance business function across the organization:

  • Loss and Delinquency Forecasting
  • Portfolio Stress Testing
  • Collections & Recovery Forecasting
  • Marketing and Originations Performance
  • Profitability Forecasting

LookAhead can be used for all retail lending portfolios including:

  • Credit Cards
  • Auto Loans and Leases
  • Mortgages
  • Home Equity Loans and Lines
  • Personal Loans and Lines
  • Student Loans
  • Small Business Loans and Lines

Key Benefits

Robust and Flexible Scenario-based Forecasts

  • Extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Control over forecast assumptions with the ability to create, calibrate and validate forecast models using your own data.
  • Enables import of macroeconomics, future originations and campaign assumptions to generate customized forecasts.
  • Unique Dual-time Dynamics allows independent analysis of key drivers such as lifecycle, environment and credit quality.
  • Proven and validated modeling approach tested over more than a decade of global economic change.

Real-time Results

Once data has been loaded and forecasting models have been created, LookAhead provides concurrent results with no lengthy implementation or model development.

  • Enables the creation of a user-controlled, efficient and defensible process for loss forecasting.
  • Permits changing macroeconomic variables and scenario assumptions along the process without model rebuilds.

Explainable and Transparent Forecasts

LookAhead’s internationally published forecasting methodology provides transparency for greater insight into detail, unlike black box ambiguity. Its modeling approach is clear and explainable, and has been validated by peers and regulators.

  • Provides valuable portfolio insights that may have been missed.
  • Assures an independent measure of credit quality and enables you to identify vintages that represent a higher or lower risk than were anticipated by your origination process. It also allows you to make changes accordingly and ensures easy identification and adjustment for one-time management events that may have affected historical trends, without carryover to future forecasts.
  • Empowers you to demonstrate to senior management scenarios under which your portfolio targets are achievable and realistic.

Expert Support

  • Provides industry best practices consulting and knowledge transfer.
  • Experienced, in-house analytics team provides training, forecasting assistance, and quick-start portfolio forecasts at the service level you choose.
  • Customer Care guides you through rapid software installation and deployment.
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