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An increasing number of the world's largest banks and finance companies use Argus™ solutions for loss and revenue forecasting, stress testing, and economic capital planning. Currently, more than $1 trillion in retail assets are being analyzed by our solutions, covering a broad group of loan types including auto loans and leases, credit cards, mortgages, home equity loans and lines, personal loans and lines, student loans and small business loans.

Argus™ continues to innovate rapidly and is committed to providing clients with solutions that is attuned to users' analytical needs and workflow requirements. The company's research and development model is designed to quickly bring these innovations and improvements to all of our users without delay.

LookAhead® software is a scenario-based portfolio forecasting system that gives financial institutions control over loss forecasting and stress testing, and provides a repeatable and transparent process, accompanied by support and training from experts. Industry data that covers 100% of the US consumer portfolio in all consumer asset classes is now available for LookAhead customers.

TrueCapital™ software leverages LookAhead's stress-testing and forecasting paradigm to directly compute economic capital. By aligning capital calculations with front-line business forecasting, capital measurements become automatically integrated with management's strategic and operational plans.

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