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Designed to help conduct model reviews or to prepare for an audit, this service can assist retail banks around the globe with model validation needs.

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Argus™ unique expertise in portfolio forecasting combined with its extensive access to industry data and thorough understanding of industry best practices translates into a powerful solution for model validation needs. With its new LookAhead Model Validation Service, Argus™ delivers in-depth loss forecasting and stress testing validation capabilities.

  • Evaluation of Model Processes Against Industry Best Practices
  • Validation of Your Models Against Internal or External Guidelines
  • Design and Implement a Model Validation Plan

As a global leader in forecasting and stress testing technology, Argus™ LookAhead Model Validation Service has been the choice of retail banks worldwide. With increased scrutiny from regulators, auditors, model compliance and senior management teams questioning everything from model design and accuracy to processes and benchmarking, the new LookAhead Model Validation Service helps both reviewers conducting model reviews and analysts preparing for review audits.

LookAhead® Model Validation Services may include:

  • Evaluation of model structure for completeness, appropriateness and consistency
  • Review of chosen timeframe for the models and data
  • Analysis of model accuracy
  • Review of key model assumptions
  • Analysis of sensitivity to varying scenarios
  • Benchmarking of history and forecast using industry data
  • Review of documentation completeness and accuracy
  • Evaluation of ongoing model management process
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