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Retail lenders engage Argus™ Predictive Analytics (PA) for informative scenario-based forecasting tailored to their needs.

Predictive Analytics utilizes its proprietary analytical modeling technology to provide clients with a unique and powerful system that identifies and quantifies the sources of their portfolio performance. Our approach to data provides multiple vintages to analyze plus it provides a demographic or product-based segmentation with which to distinguish behaviors. It also retains the advantage of analyzing the business in understandable pieces that map back directly to the way portfolios are sourced or managed.

Lenders dedicate important resources toward creating and understanding their forecasts since even slight divergences in contractual loss, bankruptcy, fees, payments, or attrition have significant leverage against bottom-line results. Forecasting is a complex undertaking, as most portfolio variables are interdependent and even small errors compound quickly with time. Analysts from Argus™ can help clarify your forecast, outline the volatility of forecasting related to your portfolio, and provide leading-edge stress-testing results that are tuned to your specific portfolio.

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