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TrueOutlook, a portfolio loss forecasting and stress-testing service, allows financial institutions to conduct scenario-based, forward-looking stress tests using a proven technology.

The Advantages of TrueOutlook

  • Meet current and future forecasting and stress testing requirements with no additional in-house resources
  • Receive custom forecasts based on the best combination of industry models and your own portfolio data, segmentation and scenarios
  • Benchmark your forecasts against industry forecasts and receive additional information to help you defend your forecasts
  • Leverage the same proven Dual-time Dynamics forecasting technology that was previously exclusive to large, global financial institutions

Key Benefits

Custom forecasts: Using your marketing plan and economic conditions, receive custom quarterly forecast reports by vintage, segment, region and more. Stress test your portfolio with your custom scenarios.

More than a service: Optional add-on LookAhead™ software license allows you the flexibility to alter scenarios further customize forecasts and create other reports.

Compare your bank’s results: Assess your institution’s portfolio health by benchmarking your forecasts against the industry forecasts.

Performance overview: Reports on past performance provide insights into what drives your portfolio’s performance and how forecasts depend on those same drivers.

Domain experts: Delivered by analysts with decades of forecasting expertise and experience working with global financial institutions.

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